Our Story

Ura, our founder lived her childhood in Nicaragua during the contra war in the 80s. She studied in a public school in the north of the country where there were not even chairs or books in the school. In the 90s, her mother decided to send her to Managua, the capital city, where attended a private school where she was given a high-quality education.

Once, she went back to visit her childhood home up in northern Nicaragua, and she found a classmate who did not run with the same luck of having the privilege to have access to better education and in the long run, he had become a homeless person. It was then when Ura decided to use her privilege in order to improve the quality of education for children like him.

After a couple of years of working on this idea, Melina joined Ura to create the basis for the Barrilete app. Then, Alejandra joined the team as our education director and help us developed the first educational content for Barrilete. Later on, Mey joined the team to help develop the consultancies dimension of Barrilete.

Our Team

Urania Callejas- Vidaurre
Founder, CEO
San José, Costa Rica

Alejandra Vijil Morin
Partner, Director of Education
Managua, Nicaragua

Melina Rodríguez Morote
Partner, Creative and Design Director
Managua, Nicaragua

Mey Cuadra Ochomogo
Project Director
Managua, Nicaragua

Anian Trujillo
Graphic Designer
Managua, Nicaragua
Tito Castillo
Head of Barrilete Publishing House Buenos Aires, Argentina
Mayo Cuadra Ochomogo
Video Editor
Mexico, Mexico City

Enrique Flores
Lead Developer
Managua, Nicaragua
Herald Flores
Estelí, Nicaragua

How we work

We are a social innovation company seeking solutions to social problems through human-centered design. We provide research, communication, innovation, and technology services in education.

Part of our sustainability is the income we generate with the consultancies we give to organizations that work to solve social problems that afflict CentralAmerica.

We believe in the need for a quality, inclusive and pertinent education, where the contents respond to the specific needs of vulnerable groups and where the actors feel represented.
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The revenues generated will continue to be invested in our education programs for children at risk.
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