Application - rural children Nicaragua and El Salvador
2020 - 2021
Ura Callejas-Vidaurre, Alejandra Vijil Morin, Melina Rodriguez Morote, Enrique Flores y Herald Flores.
From the perspective of integral human development, we believe in the need for a quality and pertinent education; where the contents respond to the specific needs of vulnerable groups and where the actors feel represented.

Our platform emerges from a grounded research process about and with the communities and their needs, this makes Barrilete different. Our application data collection and qualitative research will help us continue to innovate and iterate.

Within the platform, the topics studied in class will be reinforced, but at the same time, it will address issues like gender equality, violence, and health.

Since part of our students are in rural areas where there is little or no internet access, this application can be used without internet with the same functions as the web version.

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